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Now each new user can make his personal bot in test mode and fully try all benefits of our resource. In test mode one algorithm will be available for the whole week. After the payment for any subscription 15 algorithms will be available.

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Rating Algorithms

BetLab - First of its kind Rating Algorithms. By creating algorithms on our service, you can not only receive signals to your Telegram, but also take part in the rating. Expose your algorithms to the public. Take part in all kinds of competitions, such as the Best Algorithm of the Month or simply improve your algorithms, overtaking your competitors. Live competition is always interesting. A convenient and intuitive verifier will help you choose the right direction for yourself in the settings of your personal algorithms. You can see the performance of algorithms of other authors, which also stimulates the creation of a better algorithm. Compete for the first places in the ranking and declare yourself!

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Live scanner

Our scanner covers over 2000 leagues. The interface developed by us will allow you to quickly and conveniently analyze any matches in live mode. Handicaps, totals, individual totals and corners are just a few that you can easily predict thanks to the Betlab scanner. Every minute analysis of Live statistics in each match is convenient to use due to the fact that all statistics for each match are displayed on the site in the form of a table, which is very convenient to read and use. There are also color indicators on the site that indicate how the team is currently behaving on the field, attacking a lot, kicking on goal, or vice versa, sitting in defense, and very rarely attacks, strikes or takes corners. The highlight of this scanner is the section in which you can see the statistics for each team, in real time, by intervals. That is, you can see all the matches at once, and see what the team did in the last 5, 10, 15 minutes on the field, how many attacks, corners or shots were taken on goal. Join our Betlab team

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Notifications in Telegram

Thanks to our scanner, you can easily set up telegram signals and receive instant notifications about a suitable football match that meets your selection criteria in live mode! The alert setting mode is quite easy to use. Convenient interface for building your algorithm. You can set any criteria in the algorithm constructor, according to all the statistics that are in a football match. For example, such as attacks, dangerous attacks, strikes, corners, and much more. Many have already appreciated the benefits of creating personal algorithms. Join the BetLab team.

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Signal statistics

All signals that you will receive in telegram are also recorded in your personal account, for each algorithm, in a convenient and understandable form. By saving this data, you can easily analyze the created algorithm, sort out the leagues that you do not need to receive signals, and also conduct additional analysis on the patency of your strategy. You will have access to the full statistics of your algorithm, its profitability, ROI, % throughput, etc.

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About Us

We are an international company that brings together a team with long experience in sports betting. We are not newcomers on the market but we want to offer you a new resource which combines our knowledge for optimal predictions of event in the real time.


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